Wolverine Crossing Lease Agreement


Wolverine Crossing has pathetic support. The rental office prefers to make money quickly on your rent as they can. If you`re pausing your keys and just need a new set for a day, $100 or be ready to be locked. The quality of the room is just as bad as my window didn`t close properly to let out the cold air or air conditioning. The bathroom toilet was constantly working. But above all, it`s the staff, what a joke. However, the guards did a good job, only the service staff. We also allow you to search for Orem, UT rentals by price, number of rooms or square meters. If you already know that you only need one rental in Orem, UT for a limited time, you can even filter properties by rental period.

Wolverine Crossing is definitely one of the best choices when it comes to students living in Orem. They have a large sand volleyball court and a large gym. They also have a lot of events they host for residents, and there are always tons of free food they donate at events. The property is very social and every day in the summer there are people hanging out in the pools or on the sports fields. Most of the property is that wifi is the fastest in all of Orem. The biggest drawback, I would say, is that it`s not super cheap to live here. But what you pay for is what you get. Wolverine has a lot of property and the rental staff is always super helpful and seems to really care about how I live there.

If you are looking for a great social university experience where you will go through a lot, crossing it is perfect. Plus, they have the largest number of visitor parking lots I`ve ever seen, which is a HUGE problem with any other property I go to. Shortly after my son signed another one-year lease and turned it into a private room, the people they reunited him with were evicted and he did nothing against the rules. I had to keep paying for the lease anyway. For 11 months. Caution. They write leases in their favor. First, look at another place. Believe me. They are not fair. If 👍 deposit, suggest similar apartments, if any.

If 👎 have non-gative, please suggest other people that people can check. Please wait up to 24 hours for your response to be visible to the public. If you have been towed when you should not have been, please come to me so that we can do it properly. And rude. Terrible place to live. Please save yourself. Don`t live here! You`ll pay well above a small shared room, dark + smelly carpets and walls, stained hallways, smelly elevators, pools are constantly closed and not open all year round.. .