Small Island States Paris Agreement


Multilateral environmental agreements (MEAS) such as the Paris Agreement are a particularly important area in which small countries with limited financial resources find it difficult to participate fully. The different locations of the secretariats for congresses and event venues for COPs make it more difficult to send representatives to small countries with limited budgets (closed meeting 1 2018), which poses challenges for implementation and participation in policy-making. There are also compliance challenges for smaller countries, such as AOSIS countries; national reports requested by AEDs are often so complex that they are submitted late, if at all (Nanda 2016: 136; Closed meeting 1 2018). These challenges are difficult to overcome because they are the result of limited resources. AOSIS consists of 44 members of the United Nations (39 members – mainly SIDS – plus 5 observers) who represent 28% of developing countries, 20% of UN members, but only about 5% of the world`s population. . . .