Share Pledge Loan Agreement


The market value of each share is determined by the issuer`s board of directors taking into account possible portability restrictions, whether due to the size of the block of shares or the restrictions imposed by applicable securities legislation. 1.1 Advance credits. As a guarantee of the repayment of the amounts payable in accordance with the note, the borrower allocates two million million eight hundred and ten thousand five cents (2,812,500) shares (the “shares”) of the Class A stock stock PayPal, Inc. (the “issuer”) as collateral and as collateral to the lender. 5.4 Appointment of the pawnbroker. Lender heresy appoints the issuer`s secretary or its representative as a “pledgeholder” to accept and hold the guarantees on their behalf. In order to ensure that the borrower is able to fulfill the borrower`s obligations under this agreement, the borrower will provide the holder of the challenge, along with the delivery of that agreement, with the share certificate constituting the shares, accompanied by a delet assignment duly executed and separate from the certificate relating to such a certificate, which will be held as a pawn (the “guarantee”). a) By borrower. Unless otherwise stated, the borrower may not sell, sell, transfer, mortgage or incriminate in any way this agreement or any of the shares or distributions or guarantees. Any attempt to sell, sell, transfer, mortgage or incriminate the agreement, any interest or these shares or distributions or guarantees as well as any deposit of execution, seizure or any other similar procedure on the shares or these distributions or guarantees are null and void. Subject to the above, this agreement is binding and beneficial to the borrower`s heirs, executors and personal representatives. Regardless of the above, the borrower can transfer the shares to the borrower`s direct family (as defined below). As is used here, the “immediate family” refers to the spouse, offspring or ancestor, father, mother, brother or sister or son-in-law (whether adopted or not).

In the case of an authorized transfer, the purchaser or any other beneficiary receives and holds the shares transferred in accordance with the provisions of this agreement and there is no subsequent transfer of those shares unless the provisions of this section are provided. Each purchaser recognizes this by signing a copy of this agreement. Any transfer or transfer of shares is subject to transfer restrictions imposed by applicable government and federal securities laws.