Sample Private Road Maintenance Agreement Michigan


Hello, can many residents tar their parts of the road on a private road without getting permission from all the landowners they use to get in and out? There are 18 owners and 8 will pave a small section, so the rest of us “can do whatever we want,” although many of us are “excluded” from paying our share. Thank you for every tip on how to treat a group of very selfish neighbors. Private road maintenance agreements could solve the problem in terms of maintenance costs and performance, as they would determine how maintenance is performed and paid for. Private road maintenance contracts would also benefit “municipal officials who would otherwise have to settle disputes or receive midnight calls as a result of disputes based on a non-existent or defective maintenance contract.” [xxi] A proposed solution to this problem would be similar to the house project sponsored by Washington House of Representatives Jeff Morris. Washington House Bill No. 2011 1349 aims to make private street maintenance contracts a law. [xxii] It will be interesting to see if this law is successful and if other states are trying to do something similar….