Mentor Protege Agreement Sba


(i) the SBA will terminate its tutoring/protected contract; (4) The agreement must provide that either the protégé or the mentor may terminate the contract with a 30-day period to the other party of the mentor/protected relationship and to the SBA. (7) If the mentor`s control (through a share sale or other means) is changed, the previously approved mentor-protected relationship may be continued, provided that the mentor declares in writing to the SBA, after the change of control, that he recognizes the agreement between the guardian and the protégé and certifies that he will continue to meet his terms. (ii) any loan and/or participation of the guardian to the protégé; (ii) A company seeking the SBA`s agreement as a protégé may terminate a mentor-protected relationship that it maintains through another agency and cannot yet benefit from the assistance provided under the 8a BD-Mentor-Protected relationship. Any support already provided by another mentor-protected relationship cannot be identified as support provided by the relationship 8 (a) BD Mentor-Schotzling. (i) is in a position to assume its responsibility to support the company under the proposed tutoring-protected agreement; 2. Notwithstanding the requirements set out in paragraphs 124.105 g) and h), the guardian may hold a 40% interest in the protection enterprise to raise capital for the protection company. (iii) any subcontracting that the Tutor has entrusted to the protégé and the value of each subcontractor; (A) A joint venture between a protection company that remains considered small and its mentor may certify its status as a small person for each government mission or subcontracting, provided that the protégé (and/or joint venture) has not been identified as small for the size standard corresponding to the disputed supply (or higher standard). (ii) the establishment of a one-stop shop within the tutoring company, responsible for the management and implementation of the tutoring/protected agreement; and (iii) the SBA may recommend that the appropriate purchasing entity apply a work stoppage surcharge for each federal contract for which the mentor and protégé act as a small joint venture covered in paragraph 1 of this section, in order to encourage the guardian to comply with his or her tutoring/protection agreement.