Clover Park School District Collective Bargaining Agreement


The Clover Park Board of Directors recognizes the right of public personnel to join workers` organizations of their choice and to be represented by such organizations in negotiations on these matters and in accordance with procedures prescribed by law or by agreement of the parties. The Board of Directors conducts collective bargaining with the duly designated bargaining units and respects the collective agreements reached with those duly designated bargaining units. All wac 392-191A-030 certified teachers will be transferred to the Washington State Danielson Assessment System starting in the 2013-2014 school year. About 25% of teachers are assessed each year by the comprehensive assessment system for each of the next four years. All teachers must be assessed according to the Comprehensive system until the end of the 2016-2017 school year. A qualified substitute has a significant and positive influence on the quality of training in the absence of permanent staff. Our district is committed to providing information and professional development opportunities necessary to accomplish your missions. The Clover Park School District has partnered with Washington Central University, City University, Northwest Educational Development, Pacific Lutheran University, Pierce College, and the University of the Pacific in Seattle to create several non-traditional pathways for our current ranked employees, emergency replacement workers, and community members to become fully certified teachers. Each of these programs has been developed for the professional. As part of creating these partnerships, our goal is to offer a variety of flexible and affordable options, help potential teachers apply new learnings and skills, meet the needs of the district, and create positive employment opportunities. Poor management High workload compared to other districts Stressful and disorganized The Payroll office offers virtual support by appointment only.

Please contact with your request for assistance. A specialist will arrange a call or a virtual meeting with you. Personal appointments are limited due to social distancing concerns. Other routes are aimed at new entrants and people who already wish to work in the school system and move on to full-time education. Compared to traditional educator preparation programs, alternative routes tend to be shorter, more convenient, affordable, and more convenient. Registration in another route program is done by another route provider. The borough is far behind the innovation curve; Attempts at reform are rejected. The borough is fighting to recruit and retain quality staff. Ann Marie Casner Clover Park Park District Human Resources 10903 Gravelly Lake Dr SW Lakewood WA 98499 253-583-5085 or FAX 253-583-5088 The Clover Park School District`s mission is to: contribute to the excellence of future educators by offering more than 60 students in quality teaching each year. . .