Agreement Of Sale Refund


If a party was intimidated by the other party or used other extreme pressure tactics to force one party to enter into a contract, that party may have signed the contract under duress. The constraint is that someone does not take the agreement voluntarily, but only because he was forced to do so. As a general rule, a contract cannot be imposed against a party who entered into it under duress. However, as Dutta and Bhattacharyya booked the apartment online during the lockdown, there is some hope. According to Prashant Thakur, director and director of research at ANAROCK Property Consultants, owners had to do things differently during the lockdown. “The cancellation process varies from project to project and from project owner to project owner. Accommodation booked before the lockdown may not be able to get a full refund. You can request a refund of the stamp duty paid on this instrument if it has not been performed. The government deducts 1% of the stamp duty, subject to a minimum of Rs 200 and a maximum of Rs 1,000 from the stamp duty paid. . . .