Adoption Placement Agreement Florida


(h) the procedure and date of registration of the judgment terminating parental rights or, if the adopter is an adult or minor parent or step-child of the petitioner, the address, if known, of any person whose consent to adoption is necessary and, if that person has not given his or her consent, the facts or circumstances which excuse the lack of agreement to justify the cessation of parental rights; and (a) sibling placements. Integrating a large group of siblings into an adoptive family is complex due to the number of new relationships involved. Another difficult situation occurs when a child in a sibling group struggles to establish a relationship with the adoptive family and the other child or children seem to be adjusting well. The counsellor must decide whether to separate the siblings. Before making a decision to separate siblings, the adoption unit must take care of the matter as a team. The pre- and negative aspects of children`s cohesion need to be thoroughly studied and the team needs to decide what is in the best interests of the children. If it is found that the distance is best for a single child, provision should be made for continued contact between the children. See Rule 65C-16.002, F.A.C., for criteria that assist in decision-making for sibling placements. The decision and the reasons for the decision must be recorded in the file. The file must also contain documentation of a plan to ensure contact between separated siblings.

(d) health needs.